1) Engine and transmission are installed by specialized third parties if you choose to order a complete car. If you choose any engine from our engine list the third party labor and engine installation will be included in price.

2) We are repassing the respective warranty for engines and transmission from suppliers like Summit Racing, Ford Racing or others. Please ask for your individual engine.

3) Building, installation or delivery time in confirmed orders are estimated only and can vary depend on additions and availibilty for special parts.

4) Special engines or transmissions built to order can affect the general assembly time. Alloycars is NOT responsable for any delays caused by finding parts and components, engine builders, warranties and deliverys. We are doing the best to keep track of the progress and help to find parts to finish your kit/car as quick as possible.
5) We are also accepting engines, transmissions, brake systems directly from customers. We are not responsable for any warranty for those components. Please ask also if there are additional costs for engine and transmission installation.

6) We suggest to paint your kit/car after installation of big block engines as the space is extremely tight. If there is no preference at your side we will install the engine before the paint job for not taking the risk to re-paint again. If you decide to paint the car before installing a big block engine you have to take the risk that a certain area has to be repainted wich will result in additional charges.

7) Warranty for special built engines. Please see paragraph 3 in this disclaimer.

8) Any turnkey car has to get inspected by the customer before driving. Alloycars Inc. is doing the best to insure the highest quality therefore our turnkey cars are being inspected and tested by qualified third parties before delivery. We are not taking any liability for failures/injuries caused by third parties.

9) We are not responsable for failures on kit cars, built by car builder, shops or from un-trained self made assemblers hired by yourself.

10) The car or project is property of Alloycars Inc. till it is fully paid.